A Power Provider!

Welcome to our site.

We have moved our archived data to this new server.   We are really happy with our new hosting company "1and1."

If you are looking for inexpensive but powerful hosting consider using them for your next project.

We have been able to move many domains for this project and another client with minimal impact to our clients and customers.

We have also been commissioned to implement websites for other successful companies and organizations.

At this site we are using the simple concept of "template building" available from 1and1 hosting.  It is so easy to get started - and I can help you get started.

Additionally, we are warranty service providers for a variety of PC issues

My customer used an old service provider that had offered an excellent solution to organization but, they had been hacked - and the fix cost was set at $8,000.00 

We were able to take back control of their website and provide mentoring so the stakeholder so he has the power to manage the site easily in order to run his business better - much better!.  Utilizing simple text based and formatting tools - much like Word.  It is WYSIWYG

All this fantastic opportunity with an outstanding outlay of about $20 bucks. Annually, about $240 year for a savings of about $7,760 a year - not counting programming costs.

The program we now use allows for so much more:

- website analytics: we can see who came, from where, where did they visit, where they left.  We can see what browser and OS they are using.  Additionally, we can see what pages they are landing on by mistake to fix our links.

- email newsletter management

- email account management

Even cooler - we can send out direct emails with specific links that will tell what kind of response we would get from the mailings - it is so exciting.

Of course templates can be a bit stale.  Now with the budget not wasted the client has the opportunity to offer specific jobs to artists for logos and other web components..

Now, for some interesting Disney Trivia and insight visit our "This Week In Disney History" section.  The section is compiled from Disney weekly newsletters to employees identifying significant events. Go here for more ! This Week In Disney History 

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