A Power Provider!

We buy and sell artifacts from the Disney Parks and Films.

Our Next Sale is scheduled for October 2012

Examples of current products include:

  • Parking Lot and Tram Loading Signs
  • Beverage Signs
  • Office Signs (Attractions)
  • The Country Bears Jamboree Building Molding
  • Walt Disney Signed Check (Framed)
  • Animation Cells
    • The Great Mouse Detective
    • Bedknobs and Broomsticks
    • Ducktails - Magica D Spell
  • Theme Park Artifacts
  • Old Shooting Gallery Targets
  • A miniture of Mainstreet with lights and train
  • Tickets of the past
  • Keys to fantasyland
  • A variety of limited edition pins
  • Club 33 items and merchandise
    • Wine Stemware
    • Umbrellas
    • Shirts
    • Jackets
    • Jewelry
    • Club 33 Holiday Pins
    • Club 33 Holiday Ornaments
  • Disney Artwork
  • Pirates concept art
  • Pirates celebration art
  • Pirates Limited edtion pin sets
  • Pirates Special event items
  • Haunted Mansion special event items
  • Pins - yes, we have lots.  Many older Disney Auctions Limiited Editions ones.
  • Artwork: We have many limited runs of prints previously used in the hotels that have been phased out.  We even have some of the original framed artwork from the hotel.
  • Finally, we have an attraction sign from a closed attraction.

If you would like to have items to put up in our next sale please use the contact us button at the bottom of each page to send us description and other important information.  We are looking for attraction vehicles, identifiable building parts / components, costumes and wardrobe items and finally cast only event items.

Likewise, if you want to be added to our list to notify of future sales let us know.

Some items can be handled as a complete purchase from the seller at a flat rate or, sold for the seller on a commission basis.

As for the buyer - all items are guaranteed and have 10% buyers premium.

We are always looking for documented "show - used" products and will use our extensive network to get you the best price possible - so we can get the best commission possible!  By getting the best price we are getting the best merchandise to the best deserving customer an awesome piece !